Rangoli Advantage

  • Premium Brand – providing quality education with the involvement of eminent educationists

  • Research-based Organization –which works on Four Petal pedagogy encompassing overall development

  • Assured success and promising prospect – with effective and regular guidance and advices

  • Good returns and satisfaction – with full time involvement of  HR department

  • Get multi-level support system – with franchisee support system

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What Do You Need To Be

  • Passion in the field of education sector

  • Commitment Levels

  • Minimum 2-5 acres of dispute-free land at a suitable location

  • Funds

What Makes a School
Franchisee Successful

  • Need-specific Support

  • Help in Recruitments & regular TeachersTraining

  • Complete Marketing and promotion support and  supervision

  • Systems & Quality Control assurance with regular audits

What Our Current Franchisee Partners are Saying

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Our Pedagogy

RANGOLI philosophy emphasizes on holistic development of children- “Sarvatonmukh Vikasa”. To achieve this holistic development RANGOLI works on Four Petal Pedagogy namely – Academics, Physical Education and Sports, Life Skills and Humanities.

  1. Academics: Focus is on shaping the young minds, think critically, imbibe the values and impart the same and how to work through problems.
  2. Physical Education and Sports: Help the children to maintain their fitness, develop their muscular strength and increase their stamina.
  3. Life Skills: The key element is in preparing students to eventually become responsible young adults.
  4. Humanities: Gain new insight to understand the world we live in, and give them the tools to express their feelings and imagine the future.
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